Clinical Trials

Welcome to the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at Case Western Reserve University / University Hospitals Case Medical Center (Case ACTU). For over 24 years the Case ACTU has been a worldwide leader in HIV/AIDS-related clinical research. This success has been possible because of the thousands of volunteers from Cleveland and Northeast Ohio who have taken part in our clinical trials.

The Case ACTU offers a wide variety of clinical trials for HIV-positive and HIV-negative people. New trials are regularly added to those being offered. Case ACTU staff members are available to talk with you about these trials.

Through its Community Advisory Board, other community partners and sponsored events, the Case ACTU offers many educational opportunities to learn more about HIV prevention, treatment and clinical research. If you have any questions, comments or would like to be added to our email newsletter list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The primary purpose of this study is to compare the size of the participants’ HIV latent reservoirs before and after receiving 8 cycles of IL-2. In order to measure the size of the HIV reservoir, all participants will undergo a leukapheresis procedure prior to taking IL-2. These results will be compared with results from another leukapheresis procedure after the participant completes theIL-2 cycles.

AIDS 400: An open-label pilot study of HIV reservoir reduction ...

Protocol Summary: Trio (ACTG5377) is a Phase I, first-in-human, ascending-dose study of a tri-specific broadly neutralizing antibody, in participants living with HIV. This trial will look at a human-made antibody called SAR441236. Unlike the antibodies created by a person’s immune system that attach to HIV at one part, SAR441236 has […]

Trio A5377: A Phase I, first-in-human, ascending-dose study of a ...

Protocol Summary: This study will compare the use of long-acting, injectable anti-HIV medicines with anti-HIV medicines in daily pill form for people living with HIV who have not been previously adherent (keeping up) with their anti-HIV medicines in daily pill form. Purpose of This Study: Anti-HIV medicines taken as pills […]

Latitude A5359: To see if long-acting, injectable ARTs are helpful ...