People Living With HIV

Since its establishment in 1987, thousands of people living with HIV have participated in clinical trials at the Case ACTU. Their participation led directly to the development of effective and better treatments for HIV infection. Many of the clinical trials offered at the Case ACTU are through its affiliation with the AIDS Clinical Trials Group ( At any given point in time, the Case ACTU has several trials enrolling HIV-positive people for a variety of new medicines and treatments.

To receive more information or for questions regarding AIDS clinical trials at Cleveland Medical Center, call Jane Baum at 216-844-2546 or email


Protocol Summary: Trio (ACTG5377) is a Phase I, first-in-human, ascending-dose study of a tri-specific broadly neutralizing antibody, in participants living with HIV. This trial will look at a human-made antibody called SAR441236. Unlike the antibodies created by a person’s immune system that attach to HIV at one part, SAR441236 has […]

Trio A5377: A Phase I, first-in-human, ascending-dose study of a ...

Protocol Summary: This study will compare the use of long-acting, injectable anti-HIV medicines with anti-HIV medicines in daily pill form for people living with HIV who have not been previously adherent (keeping up) with their anti-HIV medicines in daily pill form. Purpose of This Study: Anti-HIV medicines taken as pills […]

Latitude A5359: To see if long-acting, injectable ARTs are helpful ...