The primary purpose of this study is to compare the size of the participants’ HIV latent reservoirs before and after receiving 8 cycles of IL-2. In order to measure the size of the HIV reservoir, all participants will undergo a leukapheresis procedure prior to taking IL-2. These results will be compared with results from another leukapheresis procedure after the participant completes theIL-2 cycles.

AIDS 400: An open-label pilot study of HIV reservoir reduction ...

CWRU’s Sékaly Finds HIV Reservoir Vulnerability  Today the Case Daily published an article about exciting developments in purging the reservoir of infected immune cells in people living with HIV, research conducted by our CFAR colleague Rafick-Pierre Sékaly. A class of anti-inflammatory drugs already FDA-approved for rheumatoid arthritis could “purge” the reservoir […]

CWRU researchers find HIV reservoir vulnerability